Best Travel from Buenos Aires to Montevideo


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Quickest Way to Montevideo ->

The best way to get to Montevideo quickly and with less hassle is via the fast ferry on BuqueBus, which takes just over 2 hours. The cost is around 80 USD per person one way and it’s worth paying a bit more to get you there on time. Most ferries depart 2/3 times per day from Buenos Aires (best to catch the morning ferry) that arrives around 10:00am depending on time differences. Wifi is pricey onboard, so best to check your emails in Montevideo, where it’s FREE and very accessible. If you are carrying light luggage there is no need to check your luggage in, otherwise you will wait much longer to get though customs. It usually takes 15min max when carrying light luggage.

Cons -> the website is only in spanish (bummer), so will need to use google chrome’s translate feature to make booking. 

Francisco will take approximately three weeks to sail from Hobart to Buenos Aires.

Francisco will take approximately three weeks to sail from Hobart to Buenos Aires.

Cheapest way to Montevideo ->

The other option is to take the Colonia Express or Seacat Colonia from Buenos Aires to Colonia, then take a bus to Montevideo. This works out cheaper, but a much longer commute (2:30 hours more). I always recommend people to take the fast ferry to Montevideo, where you can spend a few days (do a wine tour), then take the COT Bus to Colonia for a few days, then back to Buenos Aires via Seacat or Colonia Express. Note: the latter is much cheaper and very comfortable in my view. 

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