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Best Travel from Buenos Aires to Montevideo

How to get to Montevideo from Buenos Aires. Cost of Buenos Aires to Montevideo ferry. Best way to travel Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Bus Uruguay. Ferry to Buenos Aires. Ferry to Montevideo. Seacat Colonia. Ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Continue reading

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Withdrawing & Exchanging Money in Uruguay

Withdrawing Money can be a real pain. It took me a while to find the right ATM’s. One’s that usually work are: Banco Republica, ScotiaBank, Itau and sometimes Santander. You will be able to withdraw USD and Uruguay pesos. There is usually a 6 USD fee. Continue reading

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Getting Tax Back in Uruguay

Good news for tourists is that when you pay with VISA in all restaurants in Uruguay you get the 18% VAT deducted from your bill. It also applies to car hire. Continue reading

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Uruguay is really a Sleeping Giant that is Awakening. It such a beautiful country with plenty of potential > and many people are investing and buying land, especially in the Maldonado Department of Punta del Este and it’s surroundings. Continue reading

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If you are looking for an Apartment or a House for the summer in Punta del Este > please feel free to contact us and we can help find you the best place in either Punta del Este, La Barra, Manantiales or Jose Ignacio. Continue reading

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Your local guide, concierge and inside man has been living in Uruguay for 5 years now. He did a free magazine for tourists, so knows the best places to stay and visit. Continue reading

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The Wine Experience will pick you up at your Place of Residence and take you to a small 20 hectare Winery for Tasting & Tour with the Owner – we will then make our way to the Sensational & Breathtaking Playa Vik in Jose Ignacio for a Exclusively Private Wine Tasting on the Terrace right in time for “that Sunset” described as the Best in the World. Continue reading

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The Wine Experience will take you on an Unforgettable Adventure to 2 completely different Wineries, where we will taste some Mouth-Watering Wines. This is the Perfect Package if you want to focus on 2 Wineries (without lunch), however with plenty of things to eat. You have the option of departing in the early morning and arriving in Montevideo before your lunch ; or you can depart after your lunch and arrive in the late afternoon. Continue reading

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